Новости 3D сканеры Scanform

At the Technosreda Science Festival, Scanform will be presented at the Skolkovo stand


    Leading scientific and technological companies, universities and research institutes, as well as scientists and leaders of the scientific environment will present their unique developments and projects at the “Technosreda”(TechEnvironment) festival, which is taking place next weekend on September 25-26. The main organizer of the event is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The intellectual partner is the Russian Society “Znanie”.


Scanform company will take part in the festival in pavilion No. 8 of Skolkovo, performing on the scene with a live-presentation at 17:20 on September 26.

In addition, visitors can participate on two master classes which are planned on September 25 and 26. It should helop for everyone who wants to understand how a 3D scanner helps in real working situations when we need a digital model of the product.

The venue of the VDNH “Technosreda” festival will turn into a single demonstration space, which will be divided into several thematic zones.

More information about the festival can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation https://minobrnauki.gov.ru.

The zone of universities and research institutes will unite leading universities and research institutes that will present more than 500 developments. Among them are an unmanned car and an aircraft, models of nuclear complex installations, artificial intelligence that creates works of art in real time, an exoskeleton, an oncorobot and small-sized reconnaissance robots used in various spheres of life.

In the Inventors ‘ zone 22 Russian inventors will present interactive presentations dedicated to a terminator robot, a garbage sorter robot, a motorcycle with a house on wheels, consoles for wheelchairs, prosthetics for animals.

In the “Future Today” zone, Russian companies will demonstrate unique exhibits, including bionic and traction prosthetic arms, an exoskeleton, a neurotrainer, elements of the “smart city” environment, the latest technologies for sorting and recycling garbage, a VR platform with which you can get acquainted with the process of creating engineering projects of the future, artificial intelligence in the field of security, a flying taxi and a thermal laser.

The “Technosreda” festival will be held on weekend days, so you can safely take children and the whole family to visit it. It will be incredibly interesting and informative.

We are waiting for visitors in Pavilion No. 8 of the Skolkovo Center at the Scanform stand. We will show you how to #scanform_it our 3D scanner.

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