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About company

About company

Scanform is affordable professional portable 3D scanners manufacturer

Initially our goal was just to develop portable 3D scanner for ourselves, since we were not able to buy any other solutions due to their high price.

Currently we became a team of like-minded people and our hobby has grown up to a commercial project. We are  e gaged in cheap scanner development, providing scanning level, close to industrial equipment’s one.

What we create

Our 3D scanner is the most affordable solution among other handheld scanners with similar characteristics on the Russian market. Our competitors’ scanners minimal cost is 30% more expensive than Scanform scanner. The imported handheld laser scanners minimal cost around 13 000$. Professional 3D laser scanners minimal cost around 20 000 $. Mostly much higher than 40K $.

It is worth noting that our first scanner model Scanform HR12L5 has better characteristics, compared to more expensive competitor models. It is really simple and convenient to work with our scanner. The measurements repeatability is at a consistently high level. Our scanner model is able to scan black and reflective objects without matting (increased noise level on scans does not affect the scanning accuracy, since there are used markers).

We use industrial monochrome cameras with a sensitive matrix and metal lenses unlike our closest competitors.

Gilera CX7 Swingarm - Reverse engineering

Our achievements

  • We provide the most optimal solution in terms of price/quality ratio on 3D scanner market

  • The first Russian handheld scanner, operating on laser grid (lines) triangulation technology basis

  • Scanform became Skolkovo Foundation resident in 2020

Our team

    Chief Designer Officer
    3D Scanning & Additive Technology Specialist, Sales Specialist
    Technical director
    Executive director
    Production director


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Auto Concept Studio – car audio and tuning studio – Yekaterinburg

Sound installation and adjustment, podiums production, etc.

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Box 3D – Moscow

Specialized in 3D printing: large-sized objects, engineering composites, structural products 3D scan, modeling and design

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3D-Cartel – St. Petersburg

3D-Cartel offers full services range for 3D scan, 3D printing, modeling, reverse engineering, wax casting and aluminum casting.

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Magic Print

3D printing, 3D scan, design and modeling in Chechnya

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Rebuild Customs

Motorcycles customizing, Minsk, Belarus

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Bratuhin Customs

Individual motorcycles and components manufacturing: 3d scanning, reverse engineering, side trailers (strollers) manufacturing

SVS – Sochi

Russian company is engaged in tuning components development and production for all classes cars with its own unique design.

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Boatservice Group

Boatservice Group yacht service shops chain has been operating in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro since 2008.


Amplifier + footboard, gearbox bell, Aisin gearbox were scanned while using Scanform HR12L5 3D scanner.

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