Customers - Scanform
  • Auto Concept Studio – car audio and tuning studio – Yekaterinburg

    Sound installation and adjustment, podiums production, etc.

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  • Box 3D – Moscow

    Specialized in 3D printing: large-sized objects, engineering composites, structural products 3D scan, modeling and design

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  • 3D-Cartel – St. Petersburg

    3D-Cartel offers full services range for 3D scan, 3D printing, modeling, reverse engineering, wax casting and aluminum casting.

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  • Magic Print

    3D printing, 3D scan, design and modeling in Chechnya

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  • Rebuild Customs

    Motorcycles customizing, Minsk, Belarus

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  • Bratuhin Customs

    Individual motorcycles and components manufacturing: 3d scanning, reverse engineering, side trailers (strollers) manufacturing

  • SVS – Sochi

    Russian company is engaged in tuning components development and production for all classes cars with its own unique design.

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  • Boatservice Group

    Boatservice Group yacht service shops chain has been operating in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro since 2008.


    Amplifier + footboard, gearbox bell, Aisin gearbox were scanned while using Scanform HR12L5 3D scanner.

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