Applications - Scanform

Scanform 3D Scanning Applications

  • Auto/Moto design

    Nowadays the manufacturers number, using 3D scanners to provide better quality and more accurate measurements during the development phase, is actively growing. Today both large manufacturing enterprises and small companies are engaged in tuning and repairing equipment need 3D scanning. Scanning with a handheld 3D scanner gives a great chance to quickly obtain the most accurate three-dimensional object model and resolves such issues as accelerating design and modeling process, creating copies and tooling, developing new products, etc.

  • Media, design, art, advertising

    3D scanner provides new opportunities for design studios, fashion designers, videos and advertising production. Three-dimensional technologies allows to quickly make the desired design layout or advertising product of any complexity. High detail scan allows to clearly identify the smallest elements, including labels, barcodes, imprints and brand names. 3D scanner can be used to produce clothing and footwear, original souvenirs, advertising products as well as design exhibition stands, create digital character models for stop motion animation or video games. 3D scanner capabilities in advertising and design fields are limited just by developer’s imagination.

  • Architecture

    High-precision area or object measurements, allowing to quickly digitize buildings and premises, as well as museum exhibits and architectural values. 3D technologies significantly speed up the completed project receipt. Handheld small-sized 3D scanners capabilities list includes ancient monuments or buildings digitization, subject to restoration, recording the road accidents or crime scenes circumstance, etc.

  • Reverse engineering

    3D scanners are used for reverse engineering of various complexity shapes products. The process is characterized by mathematical model or drawings creation on existing physical sample basis. There is scanned a physical object, then there are formed a polygonal and CAD model from the point cloud, further used to produce goods for mass production and other purposes.

  • Industry and manufacturing

    3D scanners are widely used in various industry fields, including quality control, reverse engineering and design. Lots of companies have tightly introduced particular technology into production and currently do not see an alternative to it. The scanner allows to carry out the entire parts analysis cycle, including diameters, centers, holes, fillets position, angles between edges, faces, technological forged and cast products parts displacement, caused by mold elements displacement, form halves shift determining and much more. Besides such scanners are used in medicine and dentistry, education and science, oil and gas industry.

  • Quality control

    Industrial and handheld 3D scanners are used for non-contact products inspection in batch production, for measurement and subsequent comparison with linear and angular geometric product parameters drawing.