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Portable laser 3D scanners

Scanform HR12L5
Retail price: 3990 $

Scan quality is comparable to scanners, which cost is over 10 000 $

  • Beneficial solution in terms of price/quality ratio on the portable 3D scanners market

  • The first Russian portable scanner, operating on laser grid (lines) triangulation technology basis

  • Highly reflective surfaces scanning without matting spray


is affordable professional portable 3D scanners manufacturer.

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Our company was founded in order to develop an advanced portable 3D scanner at an affordable price, because the industrial equipment costed too much for both small/medium-sized businesses and educational institutions as well.

Currently our project has become a full-fledged company, consisting of highly-qualified specialists, able to create a convenient and professional, real 3D scanner, which quality level is comparable to the industrial equipment one.

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  • 1 year

    Standard warranty period

  • 2-3 years

    Extended warranty period

  • Ease of use

    It is possible to direct the scanner to any object point at any angle - it scans within motion. Tripod is not required. It is more convenient to perform scanning within tight spaces. It is easier to scan grooves.

  • Complex surfaces scanning

    Ability to scan highly reflective (glossy) and black surfaces without matting spray

  • Calibration plate included

    Calibration time around 1-2 minutes and allows to obtain stable measurements repeatability and reproducibility within all conditions. The plate is made of composite material (carbon fiber). CFRP provides a minimum thermal expansion coefficient.

2020 year

Scanform received the status of a Skolkovo resident

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Own software is available in the kit

  • Russian and English localization
  • Perpetual license with constant updates and support
  • Protection against illegal use while using a dongle key
  • Fine-tuning access for professional use


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Auto Concept Studio – car audio and tuning studio – Yekaterinburg

Sound installation and adjustment, podiums production, etc.

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Box 3D – Moscow

Specialized in 3D printing: large-sized objects, engineering composites, structural products 3D scan, modeling and design

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3D-Cartel – St. Petersburg

3D-Cartel offers full services range for 3D scan, 3D printing, modeling, reverse engineering, wax casting and aluminum casting.

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Magic Print

3D printing, 3D scan, design and modeling in Chechnya

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Rebuild Customs

Motorcycles customizing, Minsk, Belarus

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Bratuhin Customs

Individual motorcycles and components manufacturing: 3d scanning, reverse engineering, side trailers (strollers) manufacturing

SVS – Sochi

Russian company is engaged in tuning components development and production for all classes cars with its own unique design.

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Boatservice Group

Boatservice Group yacht service shops chain has been operating in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro since 2008.


Amplifier + footboard, gearbox bell, Aisin gearbox were scanned while using Scanform HR12L5 3D scanner.

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Steffi Group – Rostov-on-Don

The machine was scanned for further design, creation and replacement while using a Scanform HR12L5 3D scanner.

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TAURUS – Istra

Taurus LLC provides land clearing services from extra tree and shrub vegetation with mulchers.

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JBT sports braking systems

SBS (Sports Braking Systems) company is deemed an official high-tech JBT braking systems dealer.

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DirTire – Vladivostok

Manufacturing, engine swaps, design, CNC laser cutting, welding, custom work, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

KMZ – St. Petersburg

Kingisepp Machine Building Plant is a domestic diesel, heat exchange and deck equipment manufacturer

CAD Engineer

Affordable 3D scanning and CAD design services in Florida, US

RMM manufacturing – Novosibirsk

Downpipes and exhaust systems production for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin, McLaren, etc.

Fizika Racing – Saint Petersburg

Sports cars high-quality construction, repair and maintenance. Professional approach, preparation for exhibitions, etc.


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