Measuring accuracy (repeatability) of markers positions


Briefly: In the video, the same basin is scanned twice. Then, in the MeshLab program, the markers of these two scans are aligned. Next, I measured the distance between some markers on different scans.

Получение двух сканов сетки маркеров

Next, these two marker grids are aligned in the MeshLab using the “Align” tool, and the “Freeze current matrix” is done so that the transformation matrices are the same.

Then I took the first five points from the updated scan 1.ply file, and in Excel, I compared them with the corresponding points from the updated scan 2.ply file. (since the order of the points in the files is different, then the points from the second file are searched by eye for integers)

X1Y1Z1X2Y2Z2Distance, mm

As you can see from the table, the distance between the aligned points fit into 60 microns (0.06 mm) (You can check the other markers by yourself)