3D scanner

Scanform HR12L5 – Handheld 3D laser scanner.
Estimated price: $3000 – $4500.
The scanning quality is comparable to scanners with a price of more than $20.000.
Release date: Q1 2021
Current status: software development and testing. That’s what Scanform HR12L5 is capable of in its current state.

  • A handheld 3D scanner can be sent to any point of an object at any angle, it scans in motion. No need to use a tripod. Easier to scan indentations. It weighs only 800 g, while a scanner with a projector weighs several kilograms.
  • The 3D laser scanner Scanform HR12L5 can scan in daylight conditions, unlike scanners with projector illumination.
  • You can scan objects ranging in size from a few centimeters to meters.
  • This scanner can be used as a measuring device, since the position of the markers in space and the distance between them become accessible to us with great accuracy (repeatability 0.05 mm: here is an example that confirms this).
  • There is no need to buy separately another system of photogrammetry for thousands of dollars to scan large objects. The scanner software already includes such a system.

Why are other handheld 3D scanners so expensive?

I think that 80% of the price of other scanners is software.
Such a scanner can be designed in a month and assembled in a week.
But software development takes years.
The salaries of programmers in Europe are big. And here we need very qualified programmers and mathematicians.
Watch how the guys from Creaform live and work: Video
They pay for all this good with the help of the cosmic price of their products.

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